The Rules of English Language Forum,,you've to read them

اذهب الى الأسفل

The Rules of English Language Forum,,you've to read them

مُساهمة  The rock star في الخميس نوفمبر 15, 2007 7:09 pm

Hello every one

well,,today I'm going to show you the rules about our English Language Forum ,,and I wish that all members will read them

First, don't write anything bad that may faults on our God Allah and his prophet Mohammed PBUH PEACE BY UPON HIM and the Islam in general

Second, you can write subjects that you see they are useful to all members. And these subjects like phrases, poems, short stories, jokes, advices, paragraph about things you see that are very important in our life like writer's life or important event

Third, if you want to write subject and this subject may supported with some pictures, in this case you can put these pictures with your subject, and surely they'll be about your topic not anything else

Fourth, if you write anything bad about our administration or moderarators or the members, it'll be deleted by us. And you'll take warning

Fifth, when you write topics that maybe you copy or take the information about your topic from somewhere, you have to mention us by the source where you copy them or just say,, it's taken from

Sixth, you can translate some phrases that maybe their meanings isn't direct, like proverbs or polywords ,, or compound words. Not all the topic that maybe it doesn't need to translate, so if you translate all topic that will be deleted by us

Seventh, if your topic was repeated, it will be deleted

Eighth, you can reply for any topic that you liked ,,and if you see anything wrong , say it in your reply

Good Luck

The rock star
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المشرف العام

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